You have difficulties to find clothes at your size?

Try the sur-mesure!

Because everybody is unique and every bodies too, we adapt cloth to your morphology, you won’t have to adapt to the cloth. With sur-mesure you won't ask yourself "Does this size fit to me? Do they cut out big or small?", the risk to buy a wrong size disappears and releases you!

With sur-mesure, each important part of your body are measured so that your cloth really fits to it, it’s not too long, large or short, or not enough, it’s made for you.

Create your own size

, the one that really fits to your body!

You are looking for a comfortable cloth?

Try the sur-mesure!

Sur-mesure is the best way to highlight your silhouette, every measure put together clearly gives an incomparable final appearance, but not only, a sur mesure cloth clearly gives you more comfort!

For example, without sur mesure a pant often tends to fall at the waist if it’s too large so we use a belt to tighten and make it remain to its place but this is not a good solution because it feels uncomfortable and this can even hurt your back or belly! That’s almost the same when the pant is not large enough.

With sur mesure the cloth surrounds your body just what is needed to stand and let you comfortably breathe and move, not too much empty space for cold air, you enjoy a better protection.

No more hot shot and no more pain in the back or at the belly because it’s too tighten, you enjoy wearing your cloth.

Enjoy the comfort

, like wearing a second skin !

Try the sur-mesure!

You will feel and look simply better.

In our mind it's unquestionable and if you are a connoisseur about it, you surely agree with us. Rare and for a long time reserved to a small part of us, the sur-mesure has unfortunately the reputation to be inaccessible.
However, there are a few decades only, every clothes were made sur-mesure.
Was this change really beneficial?
In our opinion, that was not the case for the quality of clothes neither for the comfort of those who wear them. Everybody can’t enter in a box...

Today, don't hesitate any longer and try the sur-mesure!